Other attractions/activities


In addition to all geocaching activities during Mega event day we shall organize for you some tourist attractions:

  • Walks with the guidesWalks in the footsteps of Warsaw legends
    You will learn:

    1. Why the mermaid is a symbol of Warsaw?
    2. How, according to legend, a mysterious monster who turned people into stone was defeated?
    3. What do pelicans do on Old Town tenements?
    4. Why did someone kidnap the king and who did the best at the end?
    5. What does the rabbi have to do with one of the high-rise buildings?

    Guided walks start at:

    • 10:30 – guided in Polish
    • 12:30 – guided in English
    • 14:30 – guided in Polish
  • Tours to the places not available on a daily basis
    • Visiting the Warsaw Filters
    •  Visit a mysterious shelter in the underground of the Huta Warszawa – Steel Plant. It used to be the Command Post of the Civil Defense from the Cold War era
  • And a surprise tour! For adults only!

Details are coming soon…