How to enjoy Warsaw and make the best of it

How to enjoy Warsaw and make the best of it

Would you like to see the town ?


Old Town and Royal Castle

Unquestionably the first and basic place to visit. The charm of old streets, cathedral, market, barbican … The perfect place for a sightseeing walk.

Łazienki Park

The most beautiful Park in Warsaw. Favorite place for a walk and leasure. Greenery, silence, Palace, peacocks, beautiful views …

There are Chopin’s music open air concerts every Sunday, just by his monument. Wort cominig on 12:00 noon or 16:00 and listen to his music – free entrance.

Who will play:

11 sierpnia
godz. 12.00dz. 12.00 – Tokiko Kobayakawa (Japonia), godz. 16.00 – Andrzej Wierciński

18 sierpnia
godz. 12.00 – Yoshie Uno / Masako Furukawa (Japonia), godz. 16.00 – Soheil Nasseri (USA)

25 sierpnia
godz. 12.00 – Nikolay Khozyainov (Rosja), godz. 16.00 – Tomoharu Ushida (Japonia)

1 września
godz. 12.00 – Gergely Kovács (Węgry), godz. 16.00 – Piotr Pawlak

Wilanów – Summer residance of Polish Kings

A bit far from the center but worth it … The Wilanów Palace is a baroque gem of Warsaw. A beautiful park and an interesting palace. To enjoy fully plan a trip for half a day…

Old Praga

Old Prague, so-called bad neighborhood. Other side of the river. Most of the buildings come from the end of the 19th century and the beggining of the 20th century. Rare in the Polish capital a place of well-preserved pre-war architecture and a Warsaw subculture. Nineteenth-century eclecticism Brzeska street and Ząbkowska street. A unique atmosphere! Cafes, The Best in Town Bars, great people…

Pałac Kultury i Nauki – Palace for Science and Culture

Almost perfectly in the middle of the Town At the 30th floor there is a can enjoy nice panorama of the city  (tickets 20pln)… and  a virtual cache  🙂

Saska Kępa

Almost a village just right at the city center. An enclave of peace and art, cafes, restaurants, galleries … A lot of pre-war villas – pearls of prewar period architecture.


Multimedia Fountan Park

Show every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21:30


The Kaiserpanorama (or Kaiser-Panorama) is a form of stereoscopic entertainment medium used chiefly in the 19th and early 20th centuries, a precursor to film, One of the only remianing orginal you can visit in Warszawa Al. Jerozolimskie 51 open – Wednesday – Sunday   10.00-18.00


Each region of Poland is famous for its specialties. Warsaw is no exception …. “Pyzy” from Różyca Market (Praga), pork Warsaw style, hot chocolate at Wedel, W-Z cake and of course, divine, legendary donuts “Pączki”…

The Best in Town (according to us):

Traditional Warsaw food:

Pyzy, flaki gorące ul. Brzeska 29/31 Warsaw Praga – not elegant, not fancy, but the food is GREAT!
N 52° 15.131 E 021° 02.548

– Restauracja Szynk Praski ul. Stalowa 37   Old part of the town, great atmosphere, goog food (at the evenings reservations needed)
N 52° 15.635 E 021° 02.512

– Restauracja U Grubego Joska – famuous restaurant of pre war Warszawa ul. Elektoralna 24



Bar Mleczny – (literal “Milk Bar”) is a Polish phenomenon – you do not need recommendation. Milk bars have been in the capital since 1896, although they are associated mainly with the communist times of the People’s Republic of Poland. The first milk bar in the capital was “Nadświdrzańska Mleczarnia”. It does not exist anymore, but the existing ones are still very popular among Warsaw residents and tourists – also from abroad.

Milk Bar – nor is it elegant, nor fancy, nor sofisticated… but it is a good place to eat good, fast, cheap and tasty.  You will meet rich and poor people here. Many of the Milk Bars have modern decor, however, in some of theme time stopped about 40 years ago, so it can be an experience of time travel straight to Communist times…

– Bar Bambino ul. Hoża 19 – if you are lucky You may meet some TV celebrities here, ( N 52° 13.514 E 021° 01.145 )
– Bar pod Barbakanem (Mostowa 27/29)
– Bar Prasowy – hipster place (Marszałkowska 10/16) (N 52° 12.918 E 021° 01.247)
– „PONIATOWSKI” Bar Mleczny (Solec 81b)
– Bar Gdański (Andersa 33)
– Mleczarnia Jerozolimska (several locations: Al. Jerozolimskie 32, Al. Jerozolimskie 148, E. Plater 47, Nowowiejska 6, Sienna 83, Bagatela 15, Górczewska 124, Powstańców Śląskich 126)
– Ząbkowski (Ząbkowska 2) – time stopped here around 1968… (N 52° 15.138 E 021° 02.281)
– Jadło na Żelaznej (Al. Solidarności 149),
– Bar na Stalowej Stalowa 20/22),
– Mokotowski (Puławska 63),
– Rusałka (Floriańska 14)
– Leniwiec (Wyki 2A).
– Leniwa Gospodyni (ul. Nowowiejska 12/18)
– Bar Sady (ul. Krasińskiego 36)
– Złota Kurka – since 1952  (ul. Marszałkowska 55/73)

Looking for good food? Don’t miss:

U Szwejka pl. Konstytucji 1 – next to MDM  Hotel
N 52° 14.367 E 020° 59.978

Hala Gwardii / Hale Mirowskie – The hall is a unique combination of interesting art, a traditional market with good quality food from around the World and regional products, restaurants and food stores.
N 52° 13.281 E 021° 00.958


Night market

At the old railway station… you can eat, drink and socialize….

Map: N 52° 13.514 E 020° 58.984

Slightly more expensive, more fancy, more trendy…

– Hala Koszyki / Koszyki Hal – The Art Nouveau architecture of this indoor food market dating, back to the beginning of the 20th century, has been restored and the edifice modernised, and it has become one of the most important locations in the city’s culinary and social scene.
N 52° 13.345 E 021° 00.660

Zapiekanki – Polish Fast Food – kind of baked sandwich

Zapiexy Luxusowe ul. Widok 19
N 52° 13.859 E 021° 00.789

– Pałaszowanie, ul. Mokotowska 12 czyli Plac Zbawiciela Hipster’s Place in Warsaw
N 52° 13.207 E 021° 01.101

– Mommo Good Food Al. Jerozolimskie 28 (close to The Palm)  – cheap and fast
N 52° 13.907 E 021° 01.185


– ZAPIECEK Restaurants – there are few in town – good Pierogi (polish dumplings) done to order – boild, fried, baked… nonweg and veg, traditional and modern tastes
N 52° 13.903 E 021° 01.188

The Best KEBAB in Town

– EFEZ ul. Francuska 2 Saska Kępa
N 52° 13.900 E 021° 03.343
and Niepodległości 80 stacja Metro Racławicka
N 52° 11.772 E 021° 00.853  just next door you will find great pizza and pasta at Trattoria Casa Mia…

– Kebab Fenicja ul. Francuska 41
N 52° 14.173 E 021° 03.168  and
ul. Dereniowa 12 next to Metro Station Imielin
N 52° 08.826 E 021° 02.581

Do you like meat? Burgers:

– Barn Burger Złota 9  N 52° 13.966 E 021° 00.687
– Krowarzywa (Hoża 29/31, Marszałkowska 27/35) N 52° 13.580 E 021° 00.891
– Między Bułkami (Al. Jerozolimskie 23)
– Soul Food (al. Solidarności 82)
– Beef’n’Roll (Nowy Świat 36)
– Na-żarty (Ząbkowska 16)
– Warburger (J. Dąbrowskiego)
– Bydło i Powidło (Kolejowa 47) N 52° 13.578 E 020° 59.020
– Bobby Burger – many locations around the town
– Wild Beef (Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 2) Bulwar nadwiślański  N 52° 15.675 E 021° 00.419
– Ćwierćfunciak (Andersa 30)  N 52° 15.190 E 020° 59.897


– PanKejk Warszawa (just next to Nicolae Copernicus Monument) Al. Krakowskie Przedmieście 4
N 52° 14.307 E 021° 01.099
– Manekin   Here you need to wait (often quite long) to be seated, food is good and inexpensive – two locations:
N 52° 14.307 E 021° 01.099 Marszałkowska 140 and pl. Konstytucji 5
N 52° 13.365 E 021° 00.911

Best place to hangout

Aioli Cantine Bar Cafe Deli ul. Świętokrzyska 18
N 52° 14.157 E 021° 00.694


Pączki, the Polish version of an Donut. It is hand made, deep fried and traditionaly stuffed with rose marmolade. Its been created at the Polish Kings Court in XVII century The best Polish sweet since.


Pączki (the Best of the Best!!!)

– Zagoździński – legendary Pastry shop for most traditional pączki – its here, where are the longest queues on “fat Thursday”, at ul. Górczewska 15, since 1925
N 52° 14.200 E 020° 58.071

– Cukiernia Pawłowicz – Freshly prepared, sold warm, traditional “pączki” with rose jam or modern touch – suits all the tastes ul. Chmielna 13
N 52° 13.963 E 021° 00.994

– Irena – great “pączki”!!!! As well as florentinas!!! Got to try! ul. Zakopiańska 20 at Saska Kępa   N 52° 13.780 E 021° 03.288

– Smaki warszawy – ul. Żurawia 47/49
N 52° 13.630 E 021° 00.653
and ul. Felińskiego 52 Żoliborz
N 52° 16.062 E 020° 59.082

– Słodki…Słony… one of the Best but one of the most expensive in town – noblesse oblige – ul. Mokotowska 45
N 52° 13.387 E 021° 01.202

– A. Blikle Nowy Świat 33  since 1869 at the same location
N 52° 13.940 E 021° 01.200

W-Z cake

How many layers of chocolate spongecake, cream and sweetness so many theories of the orgin of this cake – apparently it was created at the turn of 40 and 50 ties of the 20th century in honor of the East-West (Wschód-Zachód) Route passing the tunnel under the Old Town or it may and maybe just “baking with cream”? One thing is certain- this is the most traditional Warsaw cake!


– Cukiernia B. Wróbel. A Pastry shop with great traditions Warsaw’s one of the Best since 1921 ul. Noakowskiego 10
N 52° 13.265 E 021° 00.641

– Cukiernia Nova Witold Teledziński. A Pastry shop established in 1924. ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 41

– Cukiernia “Olczak i syn”. Family Pastry shop started in 1942 Very traditional Warsaw sweets  ul. Solec 50
N 52° 14.197 E 021° 01.752



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